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Hahaha, Jimbo,
I travel back & forth mainly between Baja & SoCal, but have lots of friends I visit up in NorCal, Oregon, Washington state & Western Canada let me tell you there is a surplus of the men I described so creatively (: .Also I'm Belarusian and I travel frequently to Russia and Guam though I don't have much friends there, but i still find plenty of men that have shaved/close cropped heads and the overall appearance that lures me. Its also of course a personality attribute I find I love about the humble, laidback, masculine lumberjacks :) Ranchers are up there for me ;) Love them!! Even though I do live really close to Vegas and have one amazing friend who lives there I dont visit Nevada all that much b/c she comes to visit me plus I avoid Sin city since, I like gambling and its the gambling capital of the world. And may I ask what are you the surfer or tattooed type? Vegas & L.A. are full of the both (even if NV is desert lol), but much of the SoCal outskirts are filled with the 1950's wild west guys and I dont have to search to hard to hook one.