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I don't know why they'd make fun of you. There are many reasonable explanations for these discrepancies. For one…

(a) There are different aspects of masculinity women are attracted to. (Same for men.) What you see as a mere pretty boy can be seen by your friends as a guy who's dominant in a certain field, as a confident social butterfly golden boy, as the rebellish artsy guy, or a relentlessly goal-oriented snake who always gets what he wants. Those are all different expressions of masculinity. It’s just that your favorite one happens to be brawn and physical ruggedness.

(b) It's also normal because most women want a man who is more physically rugged or at least bigger than they are. And that's where age comes into play. I've always dated younger girls because I've found it easier to get them to submit and be impressed—the seniority and greater life experiences and social skills alone add to the impressiveness, right from when I was in college and dated high school girls to today wanting to marry a markedly younger woman than I am (I wrote about that in more detail in a comment under the "madonna/whore" article). And I don't know why in the West we've come to see this is as weird or creepy, as if the guy is taking advantage of the girl somehow—he’s not, the girl likes it and you’re the living example of it.

(c) It also depends on the woman herself. A six-footer will usually only be attracted to guys over 6’, though not only of course. Likewise, a more “rugged” or masculine woman will want one who is more so than herself. That’s why very few black women are into white men and vice-versa—it’s because for most black women, white guys are too fair-skinned for them, less aggressive, and just overall weaker, whereas most white girls tend to find white guys just fine and some find black guys a little too much. Women with a strong character also want a guy whose character is even stronger.

(d) Birth control. Women on the pill tend to go for less masculine men than those off it. See that “what’s the best way to pick up girls” article. That also might explain the differences between you and your friends.

Btw how many 30something lumberjacks with shaved heads are there in the west heh? Aside from around 10 months of trips away, I've lived in NV my whole life (26 years) and I’ve yet to see one. Though I have seen quite a few ranchers who are close to that type.