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To me, you saying it contradicts majority of stuff discussing here, seems like you believe stuff on this site is dogmatic. That you either move fast or the girl is lost forever and you cat get her. That is just my conclusion basen on your wording, something to think about. Because there are lots of things on this site that are situational or based only on experience in US. And guys here take it as true for every girl out there. One thing that comes to mind is that the girl gets hit on constantly. Or that she has high amount of orbiters. Assuming the girl you find as one of the most beautiful ones is being hit on 24/7 at her class, job, transition points like public transport or street and her facebook and instagram is just not faulty. You can never really know what her reality looks like until you meet her.

Use my comment as a brain worm, I am not saying this is how you really think about this stuff