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Definitely, i always used to get jealous when my old roommate would say he made out w/ some girl or slept w/ a girl & then i'd see his girl & i wouldn't get jealous lol caz i didn't think she was that cute. I guess I just imagined that when he slept w/ a girl, he was sleeping or making out w/ the kind of girl that I wanted but his tastes of cute/hot differed.

Personally of those 6 pics, from 1-2-3 left to right top, & 4-5-6 left to right bottom, only girls 1 and 2 are cute to me. But neither would be my hottest girls. In my area, I could go out to the grocery store on a weekly basis & find cuter girls than those, which makes me think maybe i live in a better place for girls than I thought haha.

Then again, it's all subjective ;)