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Ok lots of MGTOW guys may hate me for saying this, but its really something to consider. I believe when men go on about how they are rejected by women, or how women are not treating them right They tend to be TFL, I believe MGTOW is a confident and positive decision that is about self preservation and effective lifestyle. its about the positive side of independance and freedoms. When you are single because you cant find a girl and now you feel angry at them is not MGTOW. I hope that a second wave of MGTOW will be focused on positive aspects, the things that makes single, independance and freedoms great and how to get the best of what those things have to offer, rather than to complain about women, complaining about women means you really want to go back but you feel unable too, that borders on TFL. now its always fair to call women out, so im not sure exactly where that line is to be drawn though but MGTOW must be a positive force for men and not about men being angry for not getting from women what they want. 

People are repelled by the overly negative vibe around MGTOW, MGTOW will be much greater if its a discussion about what line of work to do where you can work form home, earn good money and be free, or where to meet like minded men so that you guys can make friends and do activities...MGTOW must find something that improve the lifestyles of men, at this stage it is rather depression, thats why I live by the philosophy but I am not that active online, its depressing. MGTOW W2 must be on health, economics, activities, preserving freedoms etc.perhaps there is always room for calling feminism and women out, but it must have various groups and not the heart of the issues. I am MGTOW and I get tired of hearing about women, I dont care about women, they are nothing to me, Men who gets hung up over women are not really going their own way, they are like boys going to school and still cry for mommy..not really independent yet, not mentally. MGTOW men will go their own way and dont look back. TFL men are frustrated because they cant get what they want from women.