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Franco: However, if those uses are: strong, dominant man; sexy lover; mature leader; good father... then she will want you for you eternally

You guys don’t really understand what is going on, you still don’t get nature of women. You can be all of this and the woman can still dump you with no regret. After a while she will get used to you as such man, and she will get bored. You can be Superman and she will still get bored with you. Today, good looking woman is exposed to many guys on daily basis. There is much less slut shaming, there is easy access to tens of dating sites with thousands of available guys. Women can walk out out of marriage or relationship any time they feel like to, without any consequences. There are bunch of available guys where she works, or city where she lives. Not all of these guys are weak with poor lover ability; submissive; and/or a terrible father skills. You are very wrong.

You don’t get that women today don’t need any man, no matter how supper he may appear or believe. Women are also looking for variety, many different guys.