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If i could go back in time and speak to my younger 19 year old self I would give him this advice: "make women your absolute bottom priority." Focus on building a life that you are proud of, develop a skill that is congruent to your nature and life will get better each year. I instead chased women for many years. The great chase was really what kept me going, the sex/relationships I got were never fulfilling. Looking back on my pua days I see a sex thirsty guy that was willing to invest a large amount of time into satisfying his base desires. in 2018 hypergamy is more rampant than ever (just look at tinder). A woman has access to attractive men 24/7 regardless of her own SMV. The natural result is that the top 5-10% of guys are sleeping with a majority of attractive women. This isn't me complaining, this is fact. If I was in a woman's shoes it would only make sense to choose the best I could get in regards to mating. SO where does that leave you? Well If you're anything like I was you are a decent, average-to above average looking male who can think for himself. The simple question is this: "Is the time and effort necessary to date these top tier women worth it?" For some the answer may still be "yes of course it is", but for me the cost benefit analysis has led me to pursue the mgtow lifestyle. Minimal effort to date/sleep with women with a primary focus on my own wants and desires. It is ultimately up to you my friend, but just understand that the trade off is always your time, and time is limited. What I ultimately realized was that through all my chasing of tail I did not become a better man by my own standards, but by the standards society and women had set for me. Health is important to me, I am not going to go out drinking 3-4 nights a week to sleep with a woman below my caliber with possibility of contracting an STD/false accusations/pregnancy/ etc. It's just not worth it. I am sure many of you already know the downsides of marriage. But anyways, this just the perspective of a former pua dude turned mgtow. Take what you will from it. Best of luck to you.