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Hi T
The solution in my view is simple, if MGTOW is not for you or a man don't get it, then perhaps it just means it's not for him. Then he should get a wife and happy life. I don't think that any philosophy can fit the world view of every person and thank God it doesn't. As I wrote; MGTOW is more a thing that get discovered by like minded people which means that MGTOW hardly try to change men to their view because it's mistakenly explained as a movement, then its criticized for not being a proper movement. MGTOW is not a movement, it lacks any manifesto, centralized organisation to be a movement. That's why I regard it as purely a philosophy, a philosophy that works for some men and not for others. Its like my example suggest, if you transform a rugby field to a soccer field then some men will continue to try to play rugby, but increasingly get penalties and score no point, other men my enjoy soccer or even like it more than rugby and other will say this is not for me, pick up their ball and go do something else. So sure there is a big element of personal direction here. But what I do normaly find fairly obvious is. that people who are not MGTOW who talk about MGTOW usually come across as very uninformed and seem to miss the point MGTOW is about for the guys who follow it.

I think the same holds true for the soccer players who see some guys pick up their ball and go home perhaps as losers etc. But I also dont think feminism is about hating men, I don't think all of feminism is harmful or that all feminists are bad people, I just recognize the way feminism changed the world and that men must recalculate, whatever answer a man come up with is fine, but at least recalculate, reevaluate the society you find yourself today, think about the pros and cons, the risks and benefits and renew your position if you have not done so. Because I dont say take you ball and go home, I just say stop playing rugby on the new soccer field because it will not serve you well, not in family courts and not with the culture. So as a MGTOW. I dont hate feminists, I just acknowledge how they changed things and that I need to change my lifes objected accordingly in a way that works better and more efficient for me. But of cause it is not for all men.

I just caution men to be careful to try and interpret and explain a philosophy you yourself do not believe in, because the odds are that you miss it in the eyes of those who do believe in it is very high, that almost apply to any philosophy including feminism.

It stands to reason that if you are bitter about the choices in life, you make like going MGTOW, then its obviously not for you, that brings me to the point that I doubt in any intelligent being that MGTOW men are bitter about going MGTOW, they may be bitter about other things that bother them they speak up about. But if they are bitter about being MGTOW, then they must stop. But it seems like a misunderstanding that MGTOW makes men bitter or MGTOW men are bitter. But some have real concerns and for people not to acknowledge some of the concerns perhaps expands the philosophy which could potentially lead to an organised movement.

But sure there will be some men who dont mind getting married and have kids, they dont mind risking a devorce in 2 or 3 years time or are just naive. They dont mind having to go though family courts and pay their lives for kid that gets taken away from them while false allegations his loving wife is making to better her case. Some say not all women are like that, some say enough women are like that not to risk it, and some say its irrelevant if all women are the same or not, all family courts are the same.
Some look at micro factors for decision making which they can control, MGTOW are more likely to look at the macro factors they cannot control. So sure people have different views and I don't think MGTOW want to change men who are happy with their family choices.

But its not surprising that MGTOW may worry if these men gave it a proper thought and if these men know the fine print of the contract. But I know not all men will share this philosophy and perhaps its a good thing. because MGTOW needs case studies to examine and use as reference LOL.

Most males up to 40 around me are MGTOW without following the MGTOW group, most dont even know what it is. But most men can stay single and go their own way without a community to help them do so. But you do get a smaller groups who has the intense need to express their experiences and issues with those who understand them who are like minded people with much the same interests. That is the MGTOW online community, but most MGTOW men do not take part much in such communities its a small minority who seeks expression and interaction on things they find difficult to express outside the community.

You cannot write in the NYTimes how women screw men over without massive political and media backlash, so those "politically incorrect" discussions has to happen in isolated communities, but for some its important to be able to talk about it an discuss it as those forms part of life changing experiences, often devastating experiences. For outside observes it seems like a cult or something perhaps, and its fine; up to the point they claim to know what MGTOW is about and white about it as a bunch of bitter men hatting women, reiterating why men cannot discuss issues with women outside such a community to begin with as the mainstream culture do not tolerate it well.