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there are some points I absolutly degree but also some I absolutly disagree.

Excerpt: "The problem with this comparison is like comparing a memory chip of a computer with a software program. MGTOW is on a philosophical layer while loner is on the physical layer."

If you compare it in such a way then I will compare it with running Windows 10 on a Intel 8086. It simply does'n't work. So you can have a wonderful philosophy, if men don't get it or simply are not able to follow it isn't worth the paper it is written on. The same with MGTOW. A very good thing if you want to find your own way and if you have the personal resources for it (Intel Core i7-8700K ;-) ) . But a lot of men haven't (Intel 8086). For them it is a replacement and valve for their bitterness towards women.
Don't get me wrong. I absolutly agree with your last two paragraphs. BUT: it is a big difference between what men are able to do with regard to their possibilities and what they see and feel from their point of view ( the same with feminism by the way). And they see that they want to mate and if they don't come along with it they withdraw and/or become bitter. Not good. From this point of view this very plays in the cards of MGTOW (and even feminsm): to groom men who take responsibility for their lives and one important factor is a satisfied love and sex live accepting and enjoing strong women (whatever strong means).