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Frustrated yes, sexually denied or frustrated not always.
I look at it from the aspect of resources and potential. Every guy that i grew up with who was married got a divorce. They worked great jobs one started a business landscaping in College before he met his wife, built it up to a huge machine working throughout state parks in two states. Worth Millions, she destroyed him and the courts gave no sympathy that he started it long before he met her. Anither friend also destroyed by false allegation made to resign from a fortune 500 company without evidence he eventually proved she lied but what a nightmare to go through, had to sell his paid off home in legal fees.
My point is Women have changed and use Marriage as a trap, and then attack. Now my day, i wake up refreshed, no one tells me what to do, where we should eat, i do what i want, and in my corner of the World i am not wrong.
I date, i use protection, but i never get into relationships. If at some point i want kids there is adoption or surrogacy