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Bingo and on point. There is an over 50% divorce rate and 70% are initiated by women. The courts cater to women. The man cheats on his wife he pays alimony. The woman cheats and he still pays alimony. There remains the "wage gap" argument even when the actual numbers clearly show that women work less hours and women do not enter the high paid technical fields. Not to mention this nonsensical propagation of a "rape culture" on campus that doesn't exist. But enough of the hydra head harpies say it's so and the rest follow. So when a few of us are questioning whether we should reconsider suffrage--that's why. Women vote emotionally--maybe there should be a multi phasic test before we allow a woman to vote since they show clearly--since the vote of prohibition that they cannot vote with logic--mostly, not all but mostly.

Women have destroyed the military by attempting to portray "oh yes we can" when they cannot compete with a man. The physical fitness test is not the same for women hence you have never competed with men on any level globally. In the workforce? Please, women have caused complete chaos due to their illogic and irrational behavior of overfixation of what isn't important. Really, anyone want to argue that globally? Women are terrible leaders who would rather be social than focus on their jobs-note--it isn't men who organize your stupid pitch in potlucks at work every other week.

Oh and the single mother--well that's worked out hasn't it. Check the stats on prison populations. Not to mention the snowflake mentality of participation trophies and safe spaces--all due to the feminization of men by women, mainly female single mothers.

It's bad enough of all these stupid, illogical anti reasoned tenets that make up the modern female exist now. But to want to live with this amplified intolerable harpy that represents the western woman? You're kidding me right? No, can't imagine why we want nothing to do with women. Oh and by the way I was a former kickboxer and still at 49 am in terrific shape and remain at my fighting weight AND have a lot of money and am half retired. Do you, Chase, really think I DIDN'T have a background with women? Do you really think I can't get a 30 year old hottie today? It isn't worth it anymore. Obviously I don't like the western woman anymore--and that is a lot they created. But Chase, it really comes down to risk analysis. I would never chance my assets with a female when the field isn't level.