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The divorce rate in the United States is at 50 percent. Millions of men lost their homes, children, retirement accounts, emotional peace, and precious years of their life for this ideal that marriage is the end all and be all for happiness. I don't necessarily agree with MGTOW but it does not take a genius to realize where the source of the anger and fear to follow society demands. Just open your mind and think about it. Why should anyone sacrifice their dreams and desires to conform to society. Why should women or anyone outside of your own self determine what makes you truly happy. I witness first hand the devastation women can cause. Some women do not even have the courage to look you in the face and say they want a divorce. Many do it thousands of miles away with a lawyer's letter. In 2018 Marriage is a construct that no longer works in this day of age. A man will always lose far more in assets and emotional turmoil than women. I have seen first hand how a divorce destroyed a friend of mine. He lost everything including his 2 children. The 2 children grew up in young women and they have no relationship with their father. He took a knife to his throat at that was the end of it. I will say this bluntly F***** relationships. My own parents have been married for 35 years and they are miserable. It is not worth it.