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My heart goes out to you, amigo. I can see you're hurting. You had a rough childhood.

I'm sorry this piece affected you the way it did. Projecting your childhood pains and experiences onto me (i.e., what you experienced with your mother... so you attack your online opponent as being the same as what you are/were) is not a good way to argue. Nor is going off into tangents about how successful you are (particularly when the claims are large, and the evidence is nil. I'm an entrepreneur pick up artist; half my friends are multimillionaires with 3-digit notch counts. You do not talk like any guy in this category I know). These just make you seem like you're throwing a temper tantrum to anyone who isn't 100% sympathetic to your view.

So hey, it's a New Year, 2018. May you find peace and happiness this year, and come to let go of the sour strings you're holding onto from a messed up upbringing.

I know you don't want to hear it, but the world's not as ugly as your start in it may have led you to think. The world's a mirror though - if you carry ugliness around with you, ugliness is what you will see wherever you look. You won't start to see the good stuff - or meet the good people - until you let that monkey go.

Happy 2018.