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I don't think you quite understand the concept of MGTOW. Which is understandable, but to write 50 page essay about the topic you are clueless about shows your lack of education in the subject matter. Many of the claims you make are simple rhetoric of men that identify as MGTOW. By definition MGTOW CAN be married, they can date, they can have girlfriends. MGTOW can do ANYTHING they want. It is a simple declaration of freedom. A declaration that you will not be a willing stooge to a system that uses men as a disposable utility. A declaration that you will not be used and abused by the narcissistic sociopathic women we call modern females. You see, you make all these claims from the stand point of the golden child. You are the beta simp to your mother. Therefor for you to see 95% of women for what they are is impossible. You will die defending women because you are in fact a mothers boy simp. You can't fathom a world where women do wrong and you write 50 page essays attacking a group of men you know nothing about. I've had sex with over 400 women and I'm not even 30. Heck I'm not even 29. I had my own business at 19 and 3 different Audi's by 21. I had women whenever I wanted. However I wanted. I also had a sociopathic malignant narcissist mother than used and abused my father through out my life. I saw exactly how modern american women treat men, while maintaining their innocent do good appearance to the rest of society. She cut my fathers balls off and used me and my sister as black mail to keep him around. Witnessing the gold digger women myself, as well as the malignant lying narcissistic sociopaths claiming to love me, as well as the cheating slutty whores that claimed to be in a relationship with me, it's easy to see the truth of female nature. And the REALITY that 95% of women are in fact like this. I have lived it. I have experienced it. Do I hate females? No. I am banging a beautiful latina girl that is 7 years younger than me. I don't treat her like a spoiled entitled princess. I speak exactly like I am now to her and she loves it. It turns her on. She knows that the minute she starts playing any games she is out the door. The first time she starts trying to manipulate, lie, or anything in between, she is gone. That is the difference between a MGTOW man and a beta boy like you. And why you feel the need to attack out of jealousy of not having any balls yourself. You probably won't even post this comment.