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Steve: "The point I am making is that no matter how wonderful you think you are, how smooth your game is or how 'alpha' you are, the system of family courts and laws in marriage will reduce you to nothing more than a financial commodity and useful sperm donor"

Agreed with Steve, there are still lots of delusions about MGTOW, as well as PUA and seduction out there.

Average normal guy would have to study seduction for years to be really that good as Franco depicted: strong, dominant man; sexy lover; mature leader; good father... then she will want you for you eternally, and she will sacrifice whatever is necessary to have you and your hand in marriage...

I'm not saying that Franco is wrong, all these are good characteristics, however even then there is no such guarantee, you are still a cheap sperm donor. In reality there already are many guys just like that, and they still get screwed by the system.

Also, in reality many guys can't be this mysterious traveler who moves from place to place, have some source of unlimited income, and always gets the best women available. Many guys have real job, they get home tired, all the money they have they spend on food, housing and car, debt, never mind if they are married and have kids. These guys are the real backbone of our society, thanks to them we can enjoy relative peace and freedom