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Man, thanks for this comment. I took the red pill last year in October and it's been great since. I moved to a bigger city in the new year(2017) and a friend of mine who has a girlfriend convinced me to live with a lady who lived opposite his apartment for my 1st 2 months in the new city just so I could get on my feet. I took the offer as I was quite desperate to settle in. She agreed to me moving in and about 2 days into that arrangement I tried to warn her that female tricks aren't going to work on me and she laughed it off. She is doing quite well for herself working at the bank and all. She is also 4 years older than me and she has a kid which my friend didn't tell me might be moving halfway through my 2nd month in her apartment. She bought me everything you can think of to try and 'civilise' me e.g. Shower gels, cologne even some expensive restaurant food at times. I told her a week later that I still don't want to have sex with her a nd she flipped because she didn't understand why. I said "well coz I'm in my early stages of mgtow" and she still didn't understand so I let her be. I told her the next day, during a random conversation, that my older brother is as gay as they come and that sort of put her at ease knowing that my reasoning for not having sex with her was because I had a gay brother who might've influenced me otherwise but that didn't make her stop the leoparding around the house. She continued to wear very revealing clothes thinking I might change my mind.

Whoah then her son arrived halfway through the 2nd month and she could see a good stepdad in me because I do forex trading so I just stay at home and work on my computer. I started asking for my refundable entry deposit 10 days before the end of the 2 month leasing period and she acted as if she didn't know she had to pay me back. Asking me shit like, "How's the apartment search going?" And I would just ignore her and insist on my money and she'd come back from work angry and she would do some crazy stuff man. Most interestingly though, she hasn't deleted my contact details on any social media platform since I moved out. What's up with that shit? I asked myself, why wasn't it as easy for her to completely cut out a guy who didn't bow down to her as all the other girls I had dated in my younger years did? Then it struck me... Sandman's video about women in general really not supporting Gay culture. I mean even after I told her that my brother's Gay she still thought something in her sexual value would attract me and that my brother's teachings would be quickly forgotten but you know what... I'm not Gay just single, my brother's Gay and very wealthy. See women are beginning to see that LGBTI is nothing without the G. Otherwise who would fund the marches? Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that people like Milo Yiannapolous are the future and they make these women cringe because they are Gay men they'd naturally be attracted to but guess what they are either Gay or single