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We understand the nature of MGTOW, and we understand all facets of it.

Yes, a woman can totally divorce-rape you if you decide to marry her. Is the fact that you married her the reason she divorce-raped you? Absolutely not. There maybe be a correlation, but there is not causation.

A woman will only use the aspects of you that you present as useful to her. However, if those uses are: strong, dominant man; sexy lover; mature leader; good father... then she will want you for you eternally, and she will sacrifice whatever is necessary to have you and your hand in marriage. She will be more loyal and faithful than your own family, and she will present the absolute best side of herself throughout that marriage.

On the other hand, if a man marries a woman and then shows the following characteristics: weakness; poor lover ability; submissive; and/or a terrible father skills, then she will take whatever she can get from you (i.e. your money/resources in a divorce) and use it to find a better man.

The main point to focus on in that last sentence is use it to find a better man. A woman is always looking for the best man she can reasonably get. If you are not that man, then divorce is a better option for her than leading a life of mediocrity with a mediocre man. She does not care about your established wealth or your devotion to her for years -- your devotion to her only means something if she respects the man you've presented yourself as, and it only means something if she feels like you'll continue to be that man for the foreseeable future.

So yes, we understand MGTOW. And our response to the MGTOW individuals is this article here:

She'll Do What She Has To To Get What She Wants

- Franco