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I think you have largely missed the point of MGTOW here, although you have focussed on an aspect of it, the frustrated men. What you have glossed over is the main reason, that in marriage, Mens lives are at serious risk and interaction with women at that level is very dangerous. I know people now locked in marriage who are a woman's decision away from having there lives completely destroyed, unable to see there kids much and nothing more than a useful financial tool to help fund a females family aspirations regardless of whether you are present. Your presence in the whole family equation is no longer necessary and the number of fatherless kids is on the rise. The point I am making is that no matter how wonderful you think you are, how smooth your game is or how 'alpha' you are, the system of family courts and laws in marriage will reduce you to nothing more than a financial commodity and useful sperm donor. This is the crux of MGTOW , it's a 'phenomena', just something that happens naturally when self preservation kicks in and the odds are stacked against a certain group. I know a guy who is great with women, he would agree that MGTOW are just silly frustrated men. He has two kids now that he visits on the weekend. His ex has possibly never worked a day in her life and who can blame her, she doesn't need to, he pays her rent, pays everything.. he has that look now of a man who wishes he had never been born, only young as well, he never realised. The suicide rate for men is so high, simply because in society, men are the sacrificial lambs whose well being is secondary to female comfort. Men are simply waking up to this fact and saying.. 'Not for me thanks' .. you can shame that all you like, call them little whiney children, but it will continue happening regardless