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Well-spoken-ness comes down in part to being well read, but also in part to studying argumentation. The better you are at structuring arguments and anticipating and heading off objections, the better-spoken you become. You spend a lot of time focusing on how you craft your message (and a lot of time tossing out unsatisfactorily crafted ones).

It’s all kinds of things, like trying to recognize bias in your message and remove it as much as possible, stamping out unhelpful emotion, including helpful/inspirational/motivational emotion, using emotional ups and downs as you speak or write, etc. Lots of tips on storytelling in this article; much of well-spoken-ness revolves around or draws from storytelling:

How to Tell a Story that Rivets and Captivates

Also, you have to be a little obsessive about message structure. You have to hate it when you say something and other people misinterpret the message or assign motives or intentions to you you did not have. You have to want your ability to communicate to be as succinct and far-reaching as possible. And you basically never quit trying to refine your skill set as a communicator further.

Personally, I’ve come to believe one’s ability to communicate is the foremost ability one can possess. The better you are communication, the better you are at syncing up your mind with others’ minds and learning from them or getting them on your side instead of wasting all your time in pointless verbal jousts.