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MGTOW is a very deep philosophy. To truely understand it requires reading countless articles and watching countless videos and spending countless hours in reflection. It took almost a year for the message to sink in for me. Believe it or not, MGTOW is not really about women. It is more about economics (all types of resources, how they are accumulated, and how they are expended). Women are often the catalyst that causes MGTOW to find a man, but they have nothing to do with the end goal of the philosophy. The path of MGTOW is closely akin to the greiving process, the goal of which is acceptance. But MGTOW offers and will eventually deliver a step past acceptance where a whole new world opens for a man. I won't attempt an explanation. But I will say that almost without exception the detractors of MGTOW have no idea what they are talking about because they haven't done the hard work necessary to understand it. Criticizing without understanding is a common human failing. If you are going to criticize, please at least understand the subject beyond the superficial level. Thanks, and Cheers.