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Hey chase, great article!
I have a problem that is a bit unrelated to this topic but still I wanted to get your opinion. I am 20 years old since I was a teenager I was never that good with girls and I never had a real girlfriend because I always felt a bit immature. Fast forward now that I'm 20 I look much better, I dress well and go to the gym so I have a good body that girls compliment me frequently. The problem that I have and that I wanted your opinion on, is that by this history of being bad with girls and never having the attention from them is hurting my game, because when I go out I tend to need validation from girls and when I feel that they're attracted that is enough for me and I don't continue the interaction because the validation that they give me and when I know they're attracted makes me feel more complete and I don't close the girls. Is this problem caused by a lack of confidence or simply because I'm inexperienced?