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"I suppose it’s different for everyone, but for me the term ‘MGTOW’ is irrevocably tied to sexually frustrated men filled with bitterness toward the opposite sex."

You are still uninformed or in denial about female nature and behavior. Get a clue dude. You are not special, you are not going to get that special snowflake who is going to treat you nice forever and ever. You're probably one of those dude who thinks "She's going to look at me after a year of being together the same way she looked at me the first time we met" LTR and marriage are dead. That is my point of being GMOW. Spend some time researching female behaviors and how they truly feel about men and you may see the light. As for sexually frustrated, that can easily be taken care of with escorts, this is about being happy,at peace and stress free. Good luck to any man trying to get that special snowflake, you're gonna need it