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Hi Denton,

this was inspiring. I like the way you put it. For me a good way to calibrate these concepts is to just read them and not use them intentionally at first. Then when I interact, at some point in the back of my mind I recognize the pattern. Then I smile internally and keep going. As a result I just am myself but with more confidence and a clearer idea about the results I expect.

In my upbringing there was a focus on being nice in a nonconfronting submissive way. Knowing these concepts enables me to trust my spontanious reactions more and helps to realize the relations of cause and effect in flirting. This allows me to skip the numbers game to a large degree and learn from way smaller samples, then I had to rely on, if I had to figure things out on my own.

I interpret this as Push/Pull with calling for investment on high notes and generally rewarding investment.

I guess one very important component to this is looks. As first impression is what makes girls invest and keep investing even if there is not yet rapport, or a break in rapport.

I don`t mean model looks, but looks in a way that it`s obvious you are a refined interesting person, that is on a long successful way of being hot.
The unchangeable flaws about you are important, but in a meta way, because the way you deal with them is what really matters. And it definitely shows. For example a taller guy who obviously works hard to become sexy but doesn`t manage to get low bodyfat is simply lost / not cool. Because low bodyfat is extremely important for facial looks, posture, fitting clothes etc.. So either he doesn`t get it, or he is mentally weak, or he is low sexdrive/low motivation. No matter what he is lost.
A smaller buiseness type guy on the other hand might even look a bit more ballanced with higher bodyfat. As long as his clothes show care and status and his professional focus doesn`t go well with roids/6 days bodybuilding per week it makes sense and he looks heavier and harder to push over in a fight.

I guess this is what comes with time. To understand which of your unchangaeable aspects like hight etc. are sexy, which are unsexy and how to compensate the unsexy stuff and accentuate the sexy stuff. People who meet you don`t realize this on a concious level propably, but I am sure that this is of highest importance.

In the end your flaws can even work for you, because once success with women comes, the guy who did it despite obvious obstacles looks even cooler, while having more attainability at the same time.

So in a way the sayings: "It,s what`s inside that counts." and "Looks matter. A lot." are both true at the same time. Because the way you carry yourself subcomunicates so so much about your inside. How competent you are, how focused you are, if you really really want to fuck. So when you want to be sexy, you`ve got to work on it and get results that show.

Now finally being young and imperfect is ok. It even has some advantages over being old and refined. There is just more future potential in the young. So looks really come down to you doing the right thing and being on the right track. Not so much where on this track you are. Of course when the competition is way ahead it implies negative things about you, but hey. With resources like these and determination I think you yourself can get ahead of a lot of people in a few years time, almost no matter where you start.

Have a good Day!