The 3 Sorts of Lady-Killer (and Which One You Are) | Girls Chase

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Well, the difficulty is mechanics don't make it to the upper echelons of seduction in as large numbers as romantics and hedonists do, so there's fewer of them to recruit as writers. Off hand I know maybe one or two really talented mechanics, but I'd be pretty hard pressed to get them to write here (in fact, I don't think I could - they're too busy or wouldn't want to do it).

As for what kind of women respond well, well, like attracts like, and if you're a mechanic guy, mechanic girls will typically be your ideal mates. They may be tough to find though, so I might see if you have a touch of something else (part romantic? Part hedonist?) and if so, look for a girl with a similar combination.

That said, I'm more romantic and a touch mechanic, and I've had great relationships with hedonist/mechanics, full-on romantics, mechanic/romantics... they all have their perks, though you gotta know what you're getting into (don't expect fascinating conversations with full-on romantic gals, and don't expect moving Hollywood romances with mechanic ones).