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Hey Chase, great article as always.

I have a question about women's perception of other women flirting with men. In your article "The Paradox of the Flirty Girl" you elaborated that girls are comfortable with flirting with men they see themselves as superior to. I agree with the points here very much, as I've noticed long ago that girls comfortable flirting with me usually aren't attracted to me, while the girls who like me (even the confident ones) usually are a bit nervous and shy around me.

My question is how sharp is a girl's perception of other flirty girls? Can she tell that the other girl is simply being a flirt and wanted attention, or that the girl is genuine interested in the guy she's flirting with?

The reason I asked is because I've seen a few examples of this as of late, where girls seem to think there's something going on when a girl flirts with a guy. An example is from my social circle, when during a gathering this girl was flirting and being touchy with another guy, who to be honest is quite wimpy and already has a girlfriend. To me it seemed like she just wanted attention, or even better, she wanted to make me jealous (I'd like to think that, since I kind of ignored her that day, and I know she's kind of attracted to me as well, my fault I know, but I was pretty chilled with her flirting with other guys). However, another girl who's slightly drunk apparently thought there was something going on, and asked her to stop touching since he already has a girlfriend. Maybe she's jealous, or was simply drunk, I don't know.

So here's the convoluted part for me: if a girl can get jealous when she sees another girl flirting with a guy (preselection), then wouldn't this elevate the status of the guy who, perhaps unknown to the observer, is simply seen by the girl flirting with him as just a friend and even someone she's superior to?

What do you think? Do girls have really good perceptive sense that allows them to distinguish in other girls between genuine attraction or simply being a flirt? Or are they equally fallible when it comes to perceiving what other women's behavior?