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It’s generally not good form to ask for lots of compliance over text unless you know you can get it. Risks digging you into a hole you can’t get out of. You can try calling, or waiting a few weeks and sending a getting-back-in-touch text, but lots of times once you dig that hole, you won’t escape.

Smile you’ll have to calibrate to the girl and situation. Warm if she’s neutral, sexy if she’s warm, for a good rule of thumb.

Best not to physically escalate in front of girls’ friends. Save that for when you’ve got her alone, unless you’re really looking to challenge yourself! And don’t go into the sexual assault topic. Most actual victims won’t just talk about it, and the girls who talk about it openly are usually the head cases seeking attention via victim status. Let a girl talk about that stuff and you’ll quickly find yourself maneuvered into a position where now you’re trying to explain that you’d never do that and women are so much more to you than sex objects and almost instantly you’re so deep in the friend zone you’re basically BFFs. Any time you hear “sexual assault” from a girl in conversation, throw on your red alert and kill that topic. She might as well just be saying, “Would you like to be my platonic, nurturing guy pal?”