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Sure, I can add something to the queue on different styles and their goals, how they’re conducted, what they look like, etc. It’d be interesting. Closest we have to that now is this article:

3 Flavors of Sexy: Brooding, Smooth, and Talkative Vibes

… although that is not quite the same as what you’re looking for.

As for my personal style, I do both ONS and girlfriends. It gets a little impractical to make *every* girl you sleep with past a certain point!

To me, a girlfriend is a girl in your life in any capacity whom you’re sexually involved with, but I don’t usually use it that way on Girls Chase to avoid confusing people, the majority of whom define girlfriend as an exclusive, committed, monogamous relationship. On Girls Chase I usually just use it to mean that latter definition, unless I’m specifically talking about myself. My own personal definition of the word is a little too fluid and undefined for it to be of much use here.

Length of my own relationships are anywhere from a few hours to a few years and everything in between. I am rarely completely single.

And, my view on relationships overall? Well, they’re a part of life and something people do. Everybody has them; even the most commitment-phobic hedonists tire of no-strings sex and settle into relationships sooner or later. They serve a number of social purposes, like allowing individuals to reduce time spent on mate-seeking to use that time for something else, satisfying social and familial demands, and creating an environment for reproduction and child-rearing. The right relationships with the right women can be extremely beneficial to a man and his goals, while the wrong relationships with the wrong women can be extremely detrimental. Guess that’d be the 30,000-foot view ;)

As for your situation, I’m probably the opposite of you. I enjoy ONS but also don’t mind the attachments of ongoing relationships either. The only thing I don’t like is the traditional FWB relationship, since I won’t see women who are seeing other men and the FWB setup all but necessitates this. I’d probably point you toward Drexel’s setup (here) or Ricardus’s (here), since these are more or less the ultimate evolutions of the FWB setup, and probably will match what you want better than what I do.