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Chase,do you agree that Paredo's 80/20 rule applies to targeted approaching? So, for example, roughly 80 percent of women who give an approach invitation are sure things(assuming your process is correct) and 20 percent are not interested. And 80 percent of women who do not give an approach invitation are not interested,whereas 20 percent are interested. So basically the 80 percent of returns comes from that 20 percent who give approach invitations.

Note:by approach invitations im also including multiple sure signs of interest.

Do these numbers line up with your experiences or would you tweak them higher/lower?

Also, do you think its worth the effort to approach and seduce "prospects" women who are lukewarm in there interest or who are only slightly interested(i do realize its a spectrum)? I find that it's a very inefficient strategy, and also a far less enjoyable experience to run a seduction process on a prospect versus a sure thing. Sure things make everything so much easier,from texting,to setting up the date,to taking her home and everything in between.It almost seems like "game" goes out the window with a sure thing, and the only thing that's needed is the ability to lead her, and to follow process,not miss escalation windows etc. But with these women there is no "sales tactics" needed,and no games being played between either party,she likes you and you like her, and everything works out the way it should when there is mutual interest.