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Hey Chase,

I've been going out for awhile now.

Wish I was at that level of consistency with my interactions so I can do those fun daring things fractionation more with a number of new girls each day.

I've actually tried using sexual stuff. Sex talk, or sex hinting or witty comments that can be interpreted as sexually related. Sometimes, the girl gets excited. Other times, the girl gets weirded out and pops away. But I found it helps get the girl to know we're interested instead of dilly dallying around as a "friend".

I'm Still working on calibration, with it though. Not too strong; not too weak.

Pretty much with everything too. Teasing / challenge vs. going auto rejection from a chase frame. Etc. Coming off as a jerk and even guys challenge me when I ask them for compliance such as "What did Friend A say?" And they say, "Ask them".

It gets more complicated recently when at my events, the girl is almost always with someone, guy or girl, and when I approach, it's like juggling calibration, with social grace, and inclusion of everyone, but also not giving the girl the wrong idea of 'He's just being social'. Usually I feel no concerns at asking a girl I cold approach for number, and set something, (number close) or even move her (I tried lol). But with friends there, it gives me a whole new experience and stuff, almost baffling.

Question: Sexualization (sexual frame, sexual talk, chase framing etc.) has to be after isolating her correct? Otherwise, social repercussions will cause her to run out.

It's frustrating at the same time with all these challenges flying my way, all these things I have to tweak, but also fascinating how I notice everything going on.
I'll get it eventually. When I do hone calibration and proper timing, I'll definitely go crazy with fractionating haha. Can't wait!

Btw Alex mentioned this pertaining fractionation:
Creating sexual tension does in fact enhance her level of horniness...and you can do by fractionating. But you can also create sexual tension by creating intrigue - i.e. doing 60's poker face.

I'm a bit confused. Maybe you can help me out? I know it's not you that said it, but it'll be great if you can shed some light too!

Does it mean Any intrigue = sexual tension in a way without fractionation?
Or a sexual-theme intrigue goes along with fractionation? (such as kissing her and pulling her away will intrigue her sexually "What is he thinking?")?

But It sounds like Fractionation itself generates intrigue as a side effect. Because we're not "pushing" always, but also "pulling" in a sense with everything = We aren't chasing, but we aren't being closed = "What's on his mind intrigue"
Creating a three dimensional character instead of being an extreme.