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Hey Chase,

Just had a situation regarding this.
1. I asked a girl for compliance over text, but she wasn't willing to. She countered it also by counter offer.
I thought this will create a negative precedence, so I hard push till no end. But she was still unwilling to.

So i thought of reinforcement, I took back my texts, not that frequent, not as affectionate as before. No response for couple days. Should I phone her? But doesn't that reinforce her bad behavior?

A couple more questions

2. The idea with smile warmly, smile sexy. Which one do I do when I first meet the girl? Warmly (both sides, gradual slow smile) or sexy (left side up, chin down, eyes up)? If I do warm, does that cost me my sexy vibe ?
And is sexy smile also slow and gradual ?

3. Pulling her in.
My concerns are, doing this in front of her friends? (male/female/both)
and in public.
Anything I should note or be concerned about?

4. A girl told me she was sexually assaulted. Deep dive or not? I'm not sure how to properly respond to this or in future interactions. And also, anything I should worry about down the seduction road with her and how should I calibrate accordingly / Adjust?

Once again, thanks for everything, Chase. You really helped me improve. Also, giving me more questions too. Sorry about that, bro.

Your devoted reader,