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Hi Chase, great article as always.
I was reading Alek’s post on fractionation yesterday and in the comments section while answering a question he described you as "a modern day Casanova who actually likes to create deeper relationship with women - he likes to make them his girlfriends and all that" while describing himself as a "modern day man-whore".

I know he was half joking there but I found that interesting and it would be great if you could write a post on different styles and goals of seduction, pros and cons of each, combinations of different styles and stuff like that. I am asking this because it seems that some techniques discussed here work better for one style but worse for another. Deepdiving is an example used in Alek's comment.

Also on a more personal note I would like to ask if you could describe your style in more detail? What does the term "girlfriend" mean to you? Is it monogamous? If yes how do you sleep with many different woman and gain experience while making them your girlfriends at the same time? How long do these relationships last? And what are your views on relationships in general?

I'm asking because I am not attracted to one night stands but I also don't want to many attachments holding me back so FWB seemed like my only option but maybe you have a better idea...