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I was so absolutely f*cking angry when I saw this: you can't 'turn' someone straight if they're gay. They don't want to have sex with you, and all the things that you think is leading you on is not. If she says she has a girlfriend, it's not to 'test the f water' it's just letting you know that she has a girlfriend and IS NOT INTERESTED. Honestly, the only reason someone who liked the same-sex would ever have sex with you is if they also liked the opposite sex and therefore are bisexual or pansexual, NOT LESBIAN. This is why so many girls are uncomfortable around us, we're not here to take f advantage of girls, we're here to treat them with respect and not like they're an object that will heed our every beck and call because we think we're hot or that our d*ck is big. Think with your head man, and not the one that's in your pants.
-A decent guy who just wants to let the author know they f*cked up