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this is THE most repulsive article i have ever read in my life. who the HELL are YOU (a MAN) to say anything about what lesbians are like??? clearly these "lesbians" are not lesbians if they are so very open to having sex with men as you are describing, that's called bisexual. how would it make you feel if a gay man wrote an article entitled "how to have sex with straight men (when you're gay"?? its a little predatory don't you think? also, it is completely false and also harmful for you to call lesbians "hypersexual", that is EXTREMELY hurtful to the way society already sees lesbians and you are just perpetuating this. society already sees us as sex driven demons, we don't need any more of that nonsense. whats the fascination men have with lesbians anyways? wouldnt you all rather just stick to women who are actually interested in your gender? also just for the record, lesbians are interested in threesomes as much as straight women are so. stay in your lane.

-a lesbian.