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So last weekend at the club I have this friend she was dancing with all her other lesbian friends and of course she is a lesbian to but she dressed liked a Boi so no guys would talk to her...because she not a stud or anything I think she a fem she just dress like a Boi time to time but I know what's up and of course when I saw her I spoke she gave me a hug really kinda tight both hands around my neck and I know it just a hug so it don't really mean anything...None the less later on that night the club was over every one was leaving and I saw her by her car and I said hey make sure u get home safely but didn't know til she came closer to the car so she reached in gave me A hug and kissed me on the cheek...So in the moment in shocked me but I didn't show that so I gave her one right back with the same moment....So basically I was just confused and what not so a couple days later I saw her at the mall and said hey you was pretty tore up lol do you remember all that you did..& do you remember seeing me and of course she said with confidence " yes I do remember seeing you and remember giving you a hug and kiss and so I played it cool and said okay well what's your new # cause I have the old one...and she gave it to me no doubt and I text her later that evening to and just having regular convo and asked her do you think I'm attractive and she said you are attractive then I ask are u physically into me and she say "Lol no" and then I said okayy well I'm guessing I'm not your type then and I want to be friends she says "good guess & also you have a penis" so now I'm stuck but she don't know that and we're talking more then comes up are u one way or bi and she say only one...Soo help me out here I'm a good dude and I find her really amazing/attractive to so what should I do or go about this situation Is there a chance here that I may be lucky or should I just let it go ???