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Hey David Riley,

What you said makes a lot of sense and I tried to do what you said by giving the lesbian that I hooked up with some space. It has been almost two weeks since I last talked to or texted her, but then a few days ago, I saw her again at a club meeting for a student organization on my college campus. I thought that not contacting her for almost two weeks would have been enough time for her to calm down, and on top of that, she never responded to the last text that i sent her about whether she wanted to have a threesome with me and her girlfriend. So I decided to sit next to her during the meeting, but she didn't look happy to see me again. Because I arrived late, I didn't get a chance to talk to her until after the meeting was over. So after the meeting, as we were both heading out, I tried to get her attention by saying hi, then she quickly turned towards me and furiously told me "I thought I told you that I didn't want to see you anymore," then she stormed out of there before I could say anything else to her. With a response like that, she basically implied that she was serious about not wanting to have anything to do with me, so I thought that it was best to forget about her and move on. I guess that what happened between her and I was just a meaningless fling that she regrets because whether she actually had a good time with me or not, she feels bad about it because she basically cheated on her girlfriend with me. Either way, I feel like she just used me. Is this how quick flings are supposed to feel? I feel that because she hasn't kissed a guy before me, that she was just using me to experiment what it is like to kiss a guy. Although this is one of the more extreme cases, I have always had trouble retaining and getting future dates with girls that I have already hooked up with. Is this because the girl becomes afraid because I moved so fast or is it because the girl loses interest and goes into auto rejection because I choose not to go all the way? Another problem that I have is that most of the girls I set up dates with flake on me and I don't know why. When I meet them, I am usually able to make good conversation with them, and most of them were single and seemed interested by the time I set up the date and got their numbers, so I don't know why. I've got some more dates set up with some cute girls that seem interested and are either single or having boyfriend trouble, so I don't want them flaking on me because I think that I have a good chance with them if they actually show up.