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Hi Colt,

Great article, you and the other writers here on this website always write great articles, but I wish that this on came a bit sooner. Last week, I went out on a date with a cute, inexperienced Asian girl at my college that was a lesbian, but I didn't know that she was one until after the date. The date itself went very well. We met up at a coffee shop on campus and I was deep diving her, touching her a bit, and building rapport. 10 to 20 minutes into the date, I tried moving her back to her dorm, but she said that one of her roommates had a boyfriend over, so I suggested that we should head back to my car to relax. She agreed without protest, and we headed over there. On our way back to my car, there was a cute girl walking in front. Out of nowhere, she tells me that she thinks that the girl in front of us is pretty. Using this as an opportunity to employ some teasing, I teased her by implying that she was trying to fish for compliments. Of course, she denied and said that girl was simply very pretty. She said that with a lot of enthusiasm in her voice. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but looking back, it might have been a hint that she was a lesbian. We continued talking and when we got closer to my car, she started asking questions about why we were going to my car. I simply told her again that we were just going to go relax a bit in my car, and that put her at ease. When we finally entered my car, we talked a bit more and then I let the conversation die out and I made my move. I leaned in for a kiss and she kissed me right back. As we were making out, she told me that she hasn't kissed much guys and that shewwould like to do this again with me sometime. So we set up a time that worked for both of us, then I suggested that we move to the back of my car so we could have more room. She agreed without protest and we both headed to the back of my car. Then, while we were making out some more, she told me that she has never kissed a guy before and wasn't sure if she was doing a good job. I then told her that I thought she was a good kisser (I've only kissed a very small amount of girls before her and she was the best one by-far). She was shocked to here that, the she asked me to rate her kissing on a scale from 1 to 10. I decided to played it safe and said that he's was a 6. She was satisfied with the answer. As I tried to take off her shirt, she told me that she didn't understand the whole "taking off clothes thing." I simply told her that people do it to have sex. But, I also told her that I'm oneof those guys who waits till marriage to have sex (because I'm a Christian, but I didn't tell her that) and that I didn't have any condoms. So I just suggested that we both take off our shirts. She happily agreed and from there, it was really on. You were right about lesbians being hypersexual. As we were making out, she seemed very aroused and was making orgasmic moans and was grabbing me very tightly. When I finally pulled away, she said that was enough. It came to a mutual ending and we walked back to campus together. This part of the date was kind of awkward because there were a lot of silence and I was running out of things to say. When we got to campus, we hugged goodbye and went our separate ways. Now here is everything seemed to blow up in my face. An hour after our date, she texts me telling me that she thinks that I'm a great person, but she's a lesbian and doesn't want to see me anymore in a romantic manner because she doesn't want to hurt her girlfriend's feelings. I didn't know know to respond to this, so I didn't reply until the morning after. I texted back telling her that I thought that we were both having a great time making out in the back of my car yesterday and that her girlfriend doesn't need to know about us. Then she immediately replied back telling me that she wasn't having a good time back then. This came as a shock to me because she seemed a lot more aroused and turned on than I was when we were making out. So i replied back telling her that she probably was feeling guilty about her girlfriend andthat we should talk about it over lunch at the time we mentioned earlier. To this, she texted that she didn't want to see me anymore and wanted me to stop. I had to thread carefully here because if I made a wrong move and pushed too hard, I might have gotten in trouble. So i just replied, basically suggesting that me, her, and her girlfriend have a threesome and if she wasn't interested, that I would leave her alone. It has been almost a week now and she still hasn't replied to that text. I also haven't seen her in person again since. Is there anything that I can do to salvage my chances with this girl? I'm not looking for a serious relationship, but I would like to hook up with her some more. Also, is there anything that I could have done differently to increase my chances of getting with her some more? Looking back, I think that she might have been open to having sex with me while we were in my car, but I chose not to go that far with her. I don't regret it because I went as far as I wanted with her, but could that be one of reasons why she was having these problems with me?