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Virgin at 23 but stepping up my game to lose the card and get good. There's so many things I haven't done that make me tread lightly. It's frustrating when I screw up a date because I'm cautious and respectful that it's unattractive. It's like I have to fail dozens of times to learn what girls really want no matter how much these articles click with me. I find this site quite helpful though.

It doesn't matter if it's an ugly or beautiful woman--I always screw up somewhere. Actually, I take more risks and feel more comfortable with beautiful girls.

But it sucks being at this stage. I do the things Chase talks about, but out of inexperience on a date I'll do something nice or kill the attraction somehow and then get no sex or second date no matter if the date went smoothly. I don't find that lowering my standards does anything; I've been rejected by both attractive and girls on the edge of what I'd consider attractive. It's terrible but you got to work at it to get better.