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... you'll fall into a relationship eventually, if not now, then perhaps later once girls in your age bracket have aged out of the "sleep with sexy bad boys" phase and turned into the "look for a reliable husband" phase, or you may meet some cute foreign girl whose looking for a husband straight-up, without caring for a bad boy phase.

You know what I think? I think the length of the "sleeping with bad boys" phase is proportional to security levels. When security levels are low, women's clocks tick louder and they make them look for a husband earlier (e.g. in conservative, high-shaming societies, women who come from poor foreign countries as you mentioned, etc.) But when security levels are high, women only start to feel insecure when their looks start to fade (30s and upwards), and that's when the need to look for a husband overpowers the attraction for bad boys.

Just a theory of mine. It'd be interested to hear your view on these 'bad boy / husband' phases among girls.