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Hey Chase. Do you have any articles, advice, or resources on how to turn on a girls naughtiness in verbal sparring, or with getting physical? For example, if you say to a girl "Be a good girl." Most of the time, the knee jerk response of the girl, happened to me just today for example, she says "Ohhh I'm nevvvver a good." or something along those lines. I'd like to expand on this. Same as when you are in bed and the girl wants to be spanked for being naughty or a bad girl... How to play up this naughtiness?

I can imagine that if I responded, for example to the girl today (at the gym), something like "Oh yeah? How bad are you...", It could be too much and one might get blown out. And then I don't really know how to take it and run with it. I think some of the confusion comes with the idea that giving her sex or the spanking is "punishment...". I'm a bit confused.

Any advice?