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There are various things you can do to maintain spice in your sex life, but they all boil down to a pair of underlying reasons, and those're the reasons you need to target with everything you do sexually if you want to keep things fresh.

They are:

  1. Scarcity, and
  2. Newness

Newness is the "novelty" you mentioned, which is experiencing new things sexually. That's best achieved by actually doing things sexually... some of the more common ones are:

  • Different types of sex (vaginal, oral, anal, mutual masturbation)
  • Different add-ons to sex (hot water & ice; sex toys; BDSM)
  • Different positions in sex (an illustrated version of the Kama Sutra here helps)
  • Different locations for sex (all over the house; hotels; cities; vacations)

Some of the "kinkier" things (purely subjective, of course) that more adventurous couples will try are things like:

All those introduce novel elements that keep things new and exciting and fresh... until you get used to them. Then you need to add something else.

The other one is scarcity, which you can ratchet up by:

  • Not living together
  • Not seeing each other every day
  • Going on travel without one another
  • Switching between allowing yourself to have sex raw, and not permitting yourself to for a while (feels great when you resume and is quite exciting all over again for a while)
  • Taking breaks between certain kinds of sex you enjoy (e.g., maybe you only do anal with her once a month, so it's always pretty special and exciting for both of you)

Anything that drums up scarcity in certain types of sex or with the partner herself overall works to make sex more exciting, and make you want it with each other more.