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Humor can be very attractive, especially if it leads to preselection or social proof, or you're using sexual humor one-on-one with a girl. But you can get the "inflated expectations" effect IF what a girl likes about you MOST is your humor... that is, if she's with you not because she thinks you're attractive and sexy, but because she expects more entertainment. If she thinks you're attractive, she's going to appreciate it more that you are dialed down around her and not playing the entertainer; if she only enjoys you for the entertainment you bring, she's going to be irked.

I can be very funny myself when I like to. I spent years getting my sense of humor sharp as an axe, and I spent years having crowds of people around me laughing so hard that they were falling on the floor and crying with laughter. These days, I don't use this at all, because I would much rather the women who are looking for entertainment look elsewhere, and the ones who find me attractive stick around and we can get together.

Humor still has a role when you're looking to date and sleep with women, but you want more nuanced, intimate, witty, sexy humor, and much less of the "rolling on the floor laughing at the guy standing there making all those hilarious comments" variety. Also bear in mind that when you're the center of attention in the group, it's VERY hard to just peel off with one girl, because EVERYONE is going to be watching. So, you may get her to come with you, but she's going to slow things way down, because everyone else in the group will ask her, "So how's it going with Anon?" and she knows she needs to be on her best behavior around you.

These days, I find it much more desirable to let someone else take center stage and make us all laugh, while I peel off the prettiest girl to go sneak away and do something private while the rest of the group is busy being entertained. Sometimes you make it back and no one even realizes where you've gone.

It's basically down to "sexy vs. funny". A good sense of humor can add some spice to a sexy personality; but if you've got to choose whether you want to enhance your humor, or you want to enhance your sexiness, go with the latter first, and put a fair bit less focus on the former.