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I haven't had to deal with false rape accusations, so I don't want to speculate, but if you find yourself in that situation the one piece of advice I will give you is the one I hear from everyone who knows anything about the legal system all the time: don't talk to the police. Demand a lawyer and refuse to say anything to the police. Watch this video:

No matter how much they pressure you, how much they tell you it'll be easier for you if you just tell them what happened, how cut-and-dry you feel the case will be, don't talk. Just think of it this way: whatever you tell them they will use to try and get a conviction, so don't tell them ANYTHING and INSIST on having a lawyer do your talking for you.

There's a book called What Cops Know that's tremendously informative about the American justice and legal system. According to that book, most murderers are convicted on the back of their own admissions. The justice system is entirely geared around getting confessions out of people; if no one ever confessed, there'd be a fraction as many convictions. I'd guess it's probably the same with false rape accusations: twist the details someone gives you around enough that you can make it sound like they did it. Do not talk except through a lawyer if you want to stay out of jail.

That said, just steer clear of crazy girls, and go out of your way to prevent sex regret. No woman ever falsely accused a man she had warm and fuzzy feelings about sleeping with.

As for discerning whether girls are aloof or just playing hard to get, see these articles:

... but basically, if she likes you, she'll comply with you. If she won't comply, drop her and move on.

If you don't want to be corny or lame, don't make corny/lame jokes, or use goofy humor. Keep it witty and classy (or sexy).

Your motivation is what it is. You can do some things to ratchet it up (e.g., lift heavy weights to increase your testosterone levels; use some mind hacks to increase your sex drive), but ultimately, if you want to sleep with thousands of women you need a naturally (genetic) through-the-roof sex drive, and that's just not something that most people have. You know the people who do, because they have seemingly unlimited energy, are inveterate thrill seekers and risk takers, and are ready and willing to have sex with just about anything that moves. I think there's a limit to how many women you ought to sleep with if you want to do other things with your life; there's a point it reaches where it's too distracting, has become an addiction, and otherwise sucks all your focus away. But, depends on what you're trying to do with your life. If the point of your life is to get inside of as many women as possible, then maybe there's no upper limit.

As for me, I never make predictions about the future, especially not permanent predictions ("I will retire from X thing, forever"). All too often you see a guy say he's always going to play the field, only to settle down and go exclusive with some girl 10 months later, or say he's settling down for life and will never look at another woman again, only to divorce a few years later and hit the field harder than he ever had before. I have a hard time imagining a life when I'd completely remove myself from the field, and think it would be murder on my drive to accomplish what I want to accomplish with my life, but I guess you never know.