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Noted on the two Vs. Whether you learn how to be successful with women, and how far down the path toward getting really GOOD with women you get, is worth the effort for you is entirely dependent on 1.) how bad you want it, and 2.) how much effort it's going to take. e.g., for some guys it's pretty easy to get good at this stuff; for others it's fiendishly difficult. Obviously, the individual's level of difficulty impacts how far he's going to take things usually.

Anyway, nobody says you HAVE to go become a master pickup artist. You can always just tighten up your fundamentals and ask out a few new girls a week (a month?) until you find one who's okay enough to be your girlfriend. Especially if you have other priorities in life that are more important to you than women are, and this just isn't a big deal to you. Or you'd prefer to pursue another path toward getting women - e.g., get a good job and be the guy who scoops up the girls in their early 30s who've tired of sleeping with bad boys and now want someone for something more serious, or become a rockstar and sleep with tons of fans and groupies that way.

Of course, if this IS something you want, but you're not taking action on, then you need to sit down and have a long hard look at all the things you really want, and how much action you're taking toward getting them. Most people never take any action to get the things they want, and instead just float along and let life buffet them where it will. Usually they never end up getting the things they want, because the only way to get what you want is massive action.

It ultimately comes down to willpower. Do you have the willpower to look at yourself and say, "I am filled with fear and doubts and insecurities but SCREW THAT I'm going and doing it ANYWAY," or do you not? If you don't have that, no amount of advice and encouragement from everyone else in the world will get you there. Everything new you begin is immensely hard at the beginning. That's why so few people ever build amazing bodies, amass gigantic fortunes, invent things that change the world, or get truly good with women. Most folks will never overcome that hump in the beginning, because it's just too hard to stop living lives they're comfortable (if unsatisfied) with and start living lives that are very uncomfortable but lead them to living their dreams.