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I think that's pretty common - thinking that women liking sex / enjoying naughtiness might be a selection effect or confirmation bias among guys who are sexually inexperienced. Sounds like you've mostly moved past it already, but are still wondering if maybe you've just been exposed to the ones who are like that by acting the way you do around women, and have missed out on the ones that aren't that way.

There's a lot of research on how men and women act in various sexual situations without constraints - Colt linked to some of it in his recent piece on women wanting multiple partners - but the simpler answer is just, "I've spent close to a decade meeting thousands on thousands of women from every walk of life, in every venue imaginable, of every personality type possible, and there are certain common themes you see in almost all of them."

The conservative good girl who's never been with anyone but her husband and is quiet and reserved I can still make get excited and nervous and aroused around me (even if she may not act on it, or I may not make any effort to lead her to), just like I can the wild party girl who loves sex with randoms and has no qualms about it. When I sleep with the conservative girls, even the ones who take forever to sleep with and give you mountains of resistance and think that the very idea of partying or casual sex is heinous and offensive and wrong, they get as naughty as anyone else, and get thrills out of being bad.

There are a lot of things that differ from person to person, but some are intrinsic; like, people like things that feel good, and sex is one of the things that feels best to 99% of people, so it ends up being something that, once you've removed any socially-constructed walls around it, almost every woman enjoys immensely.

There is about 1% of the population that is asexual - they have no sex drive, or they do have a sex drive but it isn't directed at real people (i.e., they may only have sexual desire for imagined, idealized partners, or cartoon characters, etc. - real people don't interest them sexually). For these individuals, they really AREN'T naughty - or, maybe if you could make their dream partner real, or throw them into Toon Town, they'd be as naughty as everyone else, but with real people they aren't, no matter who the person is or how sexy he or she is.

There are also people of lower sex drives, and their naughtiness is limited. e.g., a girl whose sex drive is much lower than normal for whatever reason (medication, chemical imbalance, etc.) - she won't be too naughty because she just isn't much interested in sex most of the time.

But among the women with sex drives, and who get pleasure (with physical, emotional, or both) out of it, well - women who like and enjoy sex will tend to like and enjoy sex, and that's just how the cookie crumbles.