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Hi Chase,

I'm dating a girl who has the sweet shy outward appearance. I know she is naughty as fuck deep down. I totally messed up our first sexual encounter with pre-mature ejaculation 2 rounds in a row! I tried to do some damage control by getting with her the next day and once again came too early the first round. But was able to maintain a good amount the second round. This girl really holds her emotions back. She represses a lot of her emotions and doesn't let herself loose. I feel like I got her so close to orgasm with penetration on multiple accounts, but I can only keep my rhythm for so long before I get tired. I wan't to know what can I do to make her open up and be comfortable to let her sexuality loose? I can't be happy until I make her scream and give her the best sex of her life. I feel like I disappointed her so much. I know I'm capable of delivering so much more, but I haven't had sex in so long that I tend to ejaculate way too easily.