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Hows it going Chase,
I have just found your site a little bit ago and have started taking your advice on social interactions. I have been going out testing your material and have been looking at videos and movies and really trying to examine what is going on and how characters and people interact with each other, the battle of frame control, people putting others down and how they respond and so on so on.

Now I have watched this one interview and it has Russell Brand in it, and he is known for being controversial, extreme personality, how sexual he is with women in front of an audience, and his show and tour, though also witty and eloquent.

Now the video starts off with the anchors already showing some sort of bias I want to say, the main girl opens off with a comment like she is above what Russel does. Right from the start it seems the anchors already made their judgements The whole it just the anchors seem to be teasing him and what he wears, Russell is shown to throw some stuff back, also teases and compliments the girl in blue to keep her on her toes and makes them nervous, and at the end I am not sure if they are laughing at him or they are laughing for being nervous?

The video title states that Russel owned them, is it that way or the other way around? Unfortunately, I am very new to this stuff, social dynamics and a thorough second by second take of what actually happened from you if you have the time =), the direct and subtle details, and what would of been the optimal solution for Russel to take when meeting people who have already made a judgement on you, it seems these type of shows just try to bring people on they can roast for their own amusement or ratings and not good and enlightening discussion? It would really help me.

Heres the vid