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Hey Chase,

Great article putting my assumptions to rest. I truely want to become attractive and be able to attract any and potentially keep a relationship when I want. I've never actually maintained one yet, mostly because I felt it would be dishonest to get with a girl if I didn't have long term intentions although this site has helped change my perception as I let life pass me by.

I do want to improve but somewhat like V mentions above; sometimes knowing the possibility of no such soul mate to live out with because the nature of the female and changing beliefs to just getting good and loving the girls I can stand and am becoming less judgmental and I guess lowering my standards/widening the net (seeing the beauty in some others-although still quite particular) to share in experiences in which to learn and interact with others hopefully brightening their lives. It's the emotional burden of rejection and questioning whether it is worth being good at getting girls since other's seem to not try yet somehow fall into relationships just because of their traits of just being an all around asshole, push-over nice guy, or the comical witty type yet have no issue having relationships yet seem to go through with no intention.. I don't lament much anymore and typically get/give respect to all with honesty and had before been confused as to why others don't also referring to Destropie's overall enquiries.

I figure I've always been rather reflective and been independent and am more personal improvement driven than most I assume looking to settle. Yet have had always wanted a girl I can call mine that loves me unwaveringly and now I am feeling like that is rather unattainable without having the skills to maintain attraction even if the stars aligned and I didn't work towards my own destiny that her or my past, present or future beliefs or social influences will effect the longevity of a relationship. currently feel rather limited in my freedom which I am taking steps in changing now that school is done. and am just looking at where and what I think I should start working on in terms of my weaker points may limit us (ah I haven't really felt it but I have gotten upset and perhaps said something like that after repeatedly hitting similar sticking points in interactions while heated) especially when you know you have much to offer and or even when you'd think you had a good connection (because like someone else stated guys sometimes just know they only want that one they see, (perhaps just physical until you get to know them better).

There are so many points I want to ask, clarify, experience and get down interactions and "connection building" so they manifest into something potentially beautiful. Yet wonder if taking this rational outlook dismantles our beliefs/desires for a monogamous relationship and makes it hard for an honest guy to convey a frame of being a sexually attractive male while having them go with the feeling of "it just happened as destined" and keeping the initial talk not to validating yet keeping desire somewhat exclusive to her? I guess I need to work on my screening and qualifying and I know this is one of the many improvable traits but also relate in the reconciliation from Anon I believe on "pressure/tension". There is so many thing's I want to get good at and will work to write more concise as many here. There will be a field report I'll work to put down on the boards for last night's bar game which I'm fairly beginner in field but have been pretty well versed in the theory yet have sometimes found the courage to go after some of the finer ladies and if I had more social momentum and had a better night game to show my dominance and smoothly build repartee/reportee without adding to much jerk type pressure to close the older ladies while perhaps getting insight on how I could have not broken circle or should have commented when some boistrous lady rudely cock-blocked from the nearest table. Anyways enough of my epiphanies and self promoting rants (another improvable trait.)

I respect and see the logic in many of the philosophies found here like moving fast which brings me to some of the other questions/comments I've seen posted in this article that I feel relate to large obstacles and things I have a hard time reconciling. If one doesnt feel my post is worth answering as I have no idea how you do it all now and there are so many other good questions. Any insight on any of this ^ or on these posts from above:

Destropie - Intelligence and arrogance
Anon - Shy girls are the hardest
V - Is the stress really worth it?
Anon - Pressure/tension

Thank you good sir for reading and all the best fortune to you and yours,