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I just read your post on the forum about sex vs rape. Im scared as fuck about that and ive been meaning to ask about that situation, but it slipped my mind.

You know how the law feels about black men. I have some serious questions about this situation.

1.Some girls are scornful, what if a girl says you raped her to get revenge on you? Let's say the situation is between a white girl and black guy.

2.How do you know if a girl is playing hard to get or she really doesn't want sex with you without it being obvious?

3.What if you have sex with her raw and she lies because she is scornful and says you raped her, but it was consensual?

I had to ask those questions, stuff like that makes me not even want to pick up chicks like that and it makes me definitely not want to go outside my race.

On to the questions before I read the post:

1. How do you not act corny or lame?

2. How can I get motivation to really sleep with thousands of girls? ( I read the article from ricardus, but I want to know what advice you have)

3. I read that you want to keep your testosterone high and keep playing the field. Are you going to play the field forever?

4. Is sleeping with many girls important for a guy's life?