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Hi Chase,
when reading this article I realized how my own mindset has shifted from "some girls are naughty" to "all girls are naughty, (and just might not have realized it)" in the last two years. So my experience mirrors yours.

But one interesting question: How do you know, that these experiences are true for ALL girls? Since no one gets every girl they approach, there might me a selection effect going on on the side of the girl, where she sense something that is really putting her off. Or even that the seducer kind of feels that he would not get along with a girl and he does not even make the next move. I mean the attitude taught here on girlschase works with a wide variety of girls, but maybe we (and the whole community) might be gaming just a subgroup of girls. I am a bit worried I might be missing out on great but different girls.

Some points speak against it:
-evolutionary psychology makes general patterns more likely
-girls who are put off by sexual men often have issue/damages you don't want to get into anyway

But I cannot rule out that their might exist different type of girl (maybe even associate with a different evolutionary mating strategy and genes) which are e.g. completely put off by moving fast but might make the best girlfriends ever. (Exaggerating). So maybe all the providers type out there are optimized for a different subgroup.

What do you think of this?