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Hi Colt,

My name is Bonnie and I just read your article at a suggestion of a friend - truthfully I was shocked because I didn't expect much, which says a lot about how capable I think men are of understanding what a woman likes in sex, but as you yourself said, most guys don't get it. I love what you wrote. The title of your article is Why woman love BDSM, and I feel like you proved women do love BDSM but I don't feel like you nailed why they do. The reason why women love rough sex, and feeling a man in his full masculine power, is because it makes you feel safe and like you can actually relax, relinquish your control, flow and trust the man you're being the most intimate with. That is a murderer came into your house, he could fuck them up and protect you, he can handle anything. It makes you feel like he is stronger than you, and you can surrender in full trust. There is no greater feeling for a woman :)